4.3 Management and Oversight

POLICY:  Management and Oversight
CODE:  4.3

Date Initially Approved: April 9, 2008 
Date Revised:


4.3    The Campion Board of Regents is responsible not only for the governance of the College, but, in a broad way, for the effectiveness of its management.  

4.3.1    Although the daily management responsibility for the College is delegated to its President, the Regents’ responsibility is not diminished.  Indeed, the terms of reference for the Board of Regents refer to the provision of oversight, approval and participation in the strategic direction and plans of the College as well as supporting and monitoring the implementation of such a plan.

4.3.2    Therefore, policies governing how the effectiveness of the College is monitored are both necessary and appropriate.
Planning as the framework for oversight

4.3.3    The Regents’ primary tools for discharging its oversight responsibility are the College’s formal long- and short-term plans and related budgets.  Accordingly, it is a policy of the Board of Regents that comprehensive discussions with the President (and appropriate officials) relating to strategic and budgetary plans occur well in advance of their implementation.
Among other subjects, the short- and long-term plans shall address:
  • The evolution of the College, with respect to student enrolments, course offerings, faculty development and student relations.
  • Developmental planning and management, with respect to student recruitment, alumni relations, communications, stakeholder relations and fundraising.
  • The evolution of the College’s physical plant.
  • Financial and other resource requirements needed to achieve stated objectives.

4.3.4    It is the Regents’ desire that the plan offer a three to five year perspective, and be accompanied by a summary budget.  This plan should be extended annually to maintain a rolling three- to five-year planning period.

4.3.5    Each year, as part of its consideration of the College’s budget, the Board of Regents shall review the College’s annual operating plan, which provides more-detailed information on the annual action taken to accomplish the goals and strategies set out in the longer-term plan.

4.3.6    At its periodic meetings, but not less than semi-annually, the Regents shall review with the President the annual plan compared to actual results.  Not less than annually, the Regents shall review the long-term plan with the President.