4.2 Board Member Attendance

POLICY:  Board Member Attendance 
CODE:  4.2

Date Initially Approved: December 12, 2007
Date Revised:

The Board of Regents of Campion College believe that it is in the best interests of  the College that the Board and its committees hold regularly scheduled meetings to facilitate the business of the College.  The following sets forth the policy of the Board regarding Board member attendance at meetings of the Board and its Committees.

1.   All members of the Board are expected to make every reasonable effort to attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings and meetings of committees on which they serve.

2.   Each Board member shall review the agenda and any materials distributed in advance of the Board or Committee meeting and arrive prepared to discuss the business presented.  Each Board member should strive to facilitate active and effective participation in the deliberations of the Board and each Committee, as applicable.

3.   Board members should provide prior notice to the Chair of the Board or Chair of the Committee, as applicable, if such Board member is unable to attend a Board or Committee meeting.

4.   A Board member that misses three (3) consecutive meetings, or misses more than 50% of the regularly scheduled meetings within a twelve month period,   without the consent of the Chair shall be deemed to have resigned from the Board.

5.   This policy may be reviewed from time to time by the Board as it may determine is in the best interest of the College.