3.8 The Secretary to the Board

POLICY: The Secretary to the Board
CODE:  3.8

Date Initially Approved: October 8, 2008
Date Revised:

The By-Laws state: Where desirable, the Board may appoint a Secretary who need not be a member of the Board.” 

The Board appoints the President’s Secretary as Secretary to the Board. The duties of the Secretary include:

a)   In consultation with the Chair prepare and distribute agenda and appendices in accordance with 3.5.10 and 3.5.11

b)   Attend all regular meetings of the Board and record the minutes

c)   Prepare a summary of the minutes for the Chair of the Board prior to circulation

d)   Distribute agenda, appendices and Board meeting minutes five (5) days prior to a Board meeting

e)   Under the general oversight of the Chair be custodian of all official documents of the Board

f)   Carry out other duties as may be assigned by the Chair in consultation with the President