3.4 Election of the Chair and the Vice-Chair/Role of the Past Chair

POLICY:  Election of the Chair and the Vice-Chair/Role of the Past Chair
CODE:  3.4

Date Initially Approved:  May 14, 2008
Date Revised:  December 10, 2008

The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected as officers of the Board at an Annual Meeting of the Board. The Chair and Vice-Chair are required to be members of the Board.

  • Terms of office for the Chair: two (2) years and shall be renewable for an additional two years
  • Terms of office for the Vice-Chair: One (1) year, and may be re-elected for two additional one year terms

The Past Chair is a member of the Board or an ex officio member, for a period of one year in the event of serving two consecutive terms as described in By Law 1.02


The intention of this By-Law is not only to ensure the election of officers of the Board, but also to enable preparation for the person assuming the Chair, consistency and continuity in deliberations, and support to the Chair.

a.   Chair: Carries out the role as identified in 3.2 

b.   Vice-Chair: Elected for one year prior to assuming the Chair (Note: The Vice-Chair does not automatically assume the Chair as the Chair is a Board elected position; however the Vice-Chair is in a sound position to assume the Chair as he/she has had the benefit of preparation). In addition the Vice-Chair could:

i.   Coordinate the Governance matters of the Board 
ii.   Be a member of the Executive Committee
iii.   Act in the absence of the Chair

c.   Immediate Past Chair sits for one year following his/her tenure as Chair and serves the vital role in providing consistency, mentoring and advice to the Chair. As well he/she could: 

i.   Be a member of the Executive Committee
ii.   Coordinate the strategic planning requirements of the Board 
iii.   Serve as a member of the Nominating Committee. In the event that the immediate Past Chair is no longer a member of the Board because his/her term has expired, the Past Chair would be invited by the Board to be a member of the Board in an ex officio capacity.