3.2 Terms of Reference for the Chair

POLICY: Terms of Reference for the Chair
CODE:  3.2

Date Initially Approved: March 12, 2008
Date Revised:

The Chair of the Board must be a member of the Board, is elected at the Annual Meeting of the Board for a period of two years, each term of office is renewable for another two years by election. (By-Law 1.12)

The duties of the Chair are found in By-Law 1.16 and include:

The Chair of the Board shall

a)   Cause notice to be given of all meetings;

b)   Cause an accurate and complete record to be kept of the minutes of all meetings and all transactions of the Board;

c)   Ensure safe-keeping of all official documents of the Board;

d)   Cause all correspondence to be attended to;

e)   Carry out such other duties as may be assigned by the Board.

Interpretation of other duties assigned by the Board


  • The Chair’s primary role is managing the affairs of the Board including ensuring that the Board is organized properly, functions effectively, and meets its obligations and responsibilities.
  • The Chair works with the President to ensure effective relations with Board members, stakeholders, and the public.
  • The Chair maintains regular communications with the Board Secretary and interacts with members of senior administration of the college on a need basis.

Works with Management

  • Acts as the principal sounding board and confidant for the President, including helping to define issues, review strategies, maintain accountability and build relationships.
  • Works closely with the President to ensure that management strategies, plans and performance are appropriately represented to the Board.
  • Where appropriate, assists in representing the College.
  • Ensures that the President is aware of concerns of the Board, stakeholders and the public.
  • Leads the Board in monitoring and evaluating the performance of the President; ensures the accountability of the President; and ensures implementation of management succession and development plans by the President.

Managing the Board

  • Presides at all meetings of the Board.
  • Ensures that the Board is alert to its obligations to the College, management, stakeholders, and pursuant to law.
  • Establishes the frequency of the meetings and reviews such frequency from time to time, as considered appropriate, or as requested by the Board.
  • Ensures the coordination of the agenda, information packages, and related events for Board meetings in conjunction with the President and Board Secretary.
  • Ensures that the Board receives adequate and regular up-dates from the President on issues important to the welfare and future of the College.
  • Recommends through the Executive Committee to the Board for approval, the appointment of Committee Chairs, as well as review of the need for, the performance and suitability of those committees.
  • Assigns an experienced Board member as a mentor for each new Board member.

Relations with Stakeholders and the Public

  • In conjunction with the President, the Chair ensures that the College’s management and, where applicable, the Board are appropriately represented at official functions and meetings with major stakeholders.
  • Undertakes public service activities, as requested by the President and relevant committees, in connection with the College’s mission and goals.