3.11 Absence of the Dean

POLICY: Absence of the Dean
CODE:  3.11

Date Initially Approved:  February 11, 2009
Date Revised:

1.   In the case of the foreseen absence of the Dean from his or her office for a period of time (i.e., out of the city for longer than a week), the Dean will designate his or her authority and responsibilities to the President, the Assistant Dean, or a tenured faculty member, in that order.

2.   The designate will deal with matters that require immediate attention (e.g., approving application forms for Leave of Absence, Travel Allowance, and Academic Professional Allowance; signing markers’ time sheets), and will attend University or College committee meetings where the Dean’s presence is needed.

3.   In the case of an extended absence for a sabbatical, for medical reasons, or for an unforeseen emergency, the President will appoint an interim Dean.

4.   In the case of the need to replace the Dean permanently, the normal procedures for appointing a Dean will be followed.