3.10 Absence of the President

POLICY:  Absence of the President
CODE:  3.10

Date Initially Approved:  December 10, 2008
Date Revised:    In the case of the foreseen absence of the President from his office for an extended period of time (i.e. out of the province for longer than one week), the President will delegate authorities or responsibilities, in writing, to the Dean, the Executive Director of Administrative Services, the Assistant Dean, or a tenured faculty member, in that order.  If none of these are available, then the President will look to the Registrar or the Director of Communications and Admissions for a replacement.    Delegated authorities or responsibilities mean serving as a contact person to handle inquiries or messages to the President’s Office, dealing with matters that require immediate attention (in consultation with the President where possible) and informing correspondents of the necessity for a temporary delay.    In the case of absence caused by an unforeseen emergency, the Office of the President will be assumed by the Dean, or by the Executive Director of Administrative Services in that order.  The Board of Regents and the Corporation of Owners will be informed so that they will be able to deal with the appointment of an interim President until the President resumes his duties or a permanent replacement is found.    The Corporation of Owners and the Board of Regents will hold a special joint meeting to select an interim President.    In the case of the need to replace the President permanently, the normal procedures for appointing a President will be followed.