1.2 Short History of Campion

TOPIC:  Short History of Campion College
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Date Revised: 90TH Anniversary (October 2008)


Campion College, Regina, Saskatchewan, is a federated, Catholic college of the University of Regina.  It is an undergraduate liberal arts college offering courses leading to a bachelor's degree in the arts, sciences and fine arts. The College has a staff and faculty of its own, and many facilities, including classrooms, administrative and faculty offices, a chapel, a library, an auditorium, a cafeteria, lounges and common areas.

Campion College owes its existence to the determination and zeal of The Reverend 0. E. Mathieu, D.D., who was appointed bishop of the new diocese of Regina in 1911 and later in l915, the first archbishop.  It was his desire to establish a Catholic college in Regina to serve the educational needs of Catholic youth in Saskatchewan.  In his effort, Mathieu was assisted by George Daly, C.Ss.R., rector of Holy Rosary Cathedral.  Father Daly contacted G. Fere, S.J., then rector of St. Boniface College, and suggested that the Jesuits come to Regina to institute a Catholic college and high school.  Father Fere came to Regina in 1917, and pleased with Father Daly's plans, recommended the proposition to J. M. Filion, S.J., Provincial of the Canadian Jesuits.

By a special Act of the Legislature of the Province of Saskatchewan, 15 December 1917, Campion  College was constituted under the name of “The  Catholic College of Regina” and given power 'to establish, maintain and conduct at the city of Regina a college and school where students may obtain a liberal education in the arts and sciences'.

In September 1918, the College was opened with one priest, one scholastic, one lay brother and six students. By the end of the first scholastic year the number of students had risen to forty-two. This growth necessitated moving to larger quarters; two buildings on the southwest corner of Argyle Street and Eighth Avenue were chosen. These were soon too small, and in 1921 a fund-raising drive allowed for the purchase of property south of the Provincial Legislative building. Here a three-story brick college was built.

During 1923 Campion was recognized as a junior college of the University of Saskatchewan and permitted to institute classes at the Second Arts level. In 1964 Campion was granted federation with the Regina campus of the University of Saskatchewan, a relationship which provided students with an opportunity to enjoy the extensive resources of the university's campus as well as the unique qualities and personal attention which a small college could offer.  A new college building was opened on the university's campus in 1968.  The College grew to be both a recognized and respected institution of higher learning set within a Roman Catholic atmosphere.  The former college building became solely Campion High School and remained so until its final graduation in May 1975.

Today, Campion continues to offer programs in Arts, Science, and Fine Arts in partnership with the University of Regina, with approximately 1,000 university students enrolled through the College.