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Zina Scott, Juris Doctor, Distinction (Saskatoon)


Zina Scott

Zina was a student at Campion from 2011 to 2014. 

In university, choosing a major is a walk of discovery, at times feeling more like a labyrinth. The choices students make often lead to unexpected, rewarding career paths:

“I entered Campion College as a student in the fall of 2011 after graduating from Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School in Regina. I was focused on the sciences, with a major in biochemistry during my first year, but switched to a political science major in my second year. During my undergraduate years, I took many classes at Campion, my favourite being classics, a class on Latin and Greek. After three years at Campion, I was accepted to the University of Saskatchewan college of law in Saskatoon.”

Zina was actively involved in the student community while attending Campion College. Her participation in campus life taught her the importance of listening to student voices, and helped her to enjoy the social side of post-secondary education:

“My favourite memory of Campion is being a member of the Campion College Students' Union. I was a member for two years, first as the public relations coordinator, and then as the community coordinator. I had a lot of fun planning and attending Campion events and creating a network with other Campion students. It was also a great addition to my resume for the law school application process.”

She believes her greatest accomplishment so far is starting a business teaching students private piano lessons, and running your own show means wearing many hats:

“I started my business with five students when I was 14 years-old. After six years, it had grown to 30 students. I offered lessons in a variety of styles catered to the needs of each student, and was solely responsible for the scheduling of lessons, managing of finances, and planning field trips and recitals. I taught students with special needs, students who were interested in recreational learning, and students who wanted to compete. I also offered a music enrichment summer camp. It felt great to use my skills to create something that added value to the lives of young people while earning income to pay for my education.”

Zina has two goals to achieve now that her schooling is complete: building a successful legal practice in Regina and spending time with her family:

“I'm happy to be back in Regina, completing my articling year at McKercher LLP now that law school is over. I've always been a family-oriented person, so I'm also looking forward to spending more time with my family and friends. I hope that my family-focused lifestyle is something that I can pass on to my children, and I'm grateful to be entering a career that will allow me to provide for my family the way that my parents provided for me.”

In giving back to the community, Zina loves her time spent annually volunteering at the Caribbean Pavilion at the Mosaic Multicultural Festival:

“I'm proud of my Jamaican heritage, and volunteering at Mosaic is such a fun and enriching way to give back to my community while listening to the island music, enjoying the delicious food, and watching the talented performers. I think it is very important to celebrate and promote diversity and the strength it gives to our city, and Mosaic provides a wonderful showcase of all the different cultures that make up the population of Regina.”