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Zach Almond, B.F.A. (Regina)

2017 Graduate

Zach Almond

Zach graduated from Campion with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in film and video production in 2017.

His first impression of Campion came to be one of his favourite memories. While considering his future academic options beyond high school, he along with his career counsellor decided to give Campion’s Recruitment Officer a call. Zach recalls:

“From that conversation I knew that Campion was the right fit.  Chelsea (Low) showed me that Campion cares about its students and offers an environment for them in which they can grow and that there are people that want to help you grow.”

Zach has a more global interpretation of what his greatest accomplishment is - his influence and engagement in the world, no matter the situation at hand:

“I would say it is the impact I’ve made at the University of Regina in the time I was here, especially to the faculty of MAP in terms of representing them on URSU’s Board of Directors, re-establishing their student group, and revitalizing interest in the film students.”

In Zach’s love for film, he hopes it will carry him to eventually create a film of his own one day. The scale or location is not important, only that he be able to stroke it off his bucket list. “A future goal of mine is to make a feature film, whether it is in Hollywood or right here in Regina,” he confides.

In his virtue to be at his best and serve others, Zach believes in a simple credo that can encompass one’s entire actions:

“I’m giving back to my community by living my life everyday through the university’s creed, ‘As one who serves’.  This can be taken however you want, but I apply it to everything I do whether it’s work, family, friends, or just general day to day things.”