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Will Chabun, Will Chabun, B.A. History (Regina), B. Journalism (Ottawa), M.P.S. Media Administration (Syracuse)

Retired Journalist

Will Chabun

Will graduated from Campion with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history in 1975.

Will sends vignettes he cherishes about Campion, which are a testament to both the school and the mentors he found there. He recalls that his anxious anticipation of entering college was addressed by the mentorship of Father Peter Nash, who told him to stay in the moment and take it all in:

“In late August 1972, being a bewildered 17-year-old freshman and meeting Father Peter Nash (was he Campion’s president -- or dean – then?) for a long, relaxed chat on how Campion, and the university beyond it, worked; what was expected of me; how the college experience opened career and educational doors for me and how it was about the experience of learning, as opposed to just the marks. So relax and enjoy it.”

And the festivities! School is not meant to be all work. Also, you learn more about people when you engage them in social setting:

“A few years later, heading to the regular Campion BeerFests (dancing, rock music, beer – need I say more?) and having a terrific time – and watching how a smiling Father Nash kept order amid a throng of students, some a little tipsy. Only years later did I realize that he had been a Golden Gloves boxing champ in his younger days! But at the time, his word – gently and softly spoken – was law at those Beerfests. Fun is good, but fun within sensible limits is even better.”

Will’s heart is close to the causes he is championed over the years. The first is the 12 years he spent involved with the Leader-Post’s annual Christmas Cheer Fund, which raised $1 million to help local domestic abuse shelters. During his career in journalism, he told the stories of abuse victims and shelter workers, aiming to spread awareness. He told the province about domestic abuse and brought it into the light of public attention:

“Friends who work in these shelters have told me it was also important for a male to be talking about domestic abuse, thus emphasizing it is not only an issue for women. That led me into thinking, and writing, about the issues revolving around domestic abuse: practical psychology, humans’ need for power and control, and humans’ right to safety and security.”

In this latest stage, with retirement being a new chapter, Will knows one thing will not change: his passion to write about another unsung group, veterans. What brought this on? Just before his time at Campion, Will joined a summer training program of the local army reserve: “I thus learned to speak ‘army-ese’ and later found myself writing about many military and veterans’ issues. This I continue in retirement, in addition to sitting on several boards and committees doing this work.”