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Stephanie Molloy, B.A. (Regina), M.Div., M.Th. (Edmonton)

Campus Minister and Director of Pastoral Studies at Campion College

Stephanie Molloy

Stephanie graduated from Campion with Bachelor of Arts degree in French in 1993.

Things get completed in the fullness of time. And if you have a big agenda that includes many things, then those things, admits Stephanie, may take awhile:

“I graduated from Campion with a B.A. (mention bilingue) in 1993. Though most of my high school classmates finished their undergraduate degrees in 1972, ’73, and ’74, it took me 24 years to complete mine at Campion. However, I then went on to complete a certificate of administration in accounting, a Master of Divinity at Newman Theological College (Edmonton), and a Master of Theology at St. Stephen’s Theological College (Edmonton).

After graduating with my M.Div., I was asked by the archbishop to take charge of parishes that had no priest. This I did with reluctance, but was continually amazed at the work that God was able to do through me and for me. After two years of rural ministry and seven wonderful years at Church of Our Lady in Moose Jaw as a professional lay ecclesial minister, my first grandchild fell gravely ill with meningitis and ultimately lost her hearing. Moving back to Regina was a no-brainer, in part to help my daughter out, and in part to work on a Doctor of Ministry degree.”

When life is not defined by a linear progression, it may cause you to question with hesitation why things are not going as planned. Often, when one door closes, another opens. Things are not failures; they just kept moving you closer to the place you were supposed to be:

“I was successful in being a helpful mom and grandma, but not so successful in the doctoral area. It was at the same time that I unexpectedly received a call from the then-dean of Campion College to ask if I would take on a chaplaincy position just for one year. That was over 12 years ago!”

Progression and renewal – Stephanie believes it is never too late to learn and it is never too late for discovery. She has witnessed this often in her career:

“I’ve seen children who went through my sacramental programs in the parish come to university, graduate, go on to successful careers, get married and have their own children. I’ve been the director of the pastoral studies program, … have taught people who thought their university days were over decades before, and have seen them flourish in the rediscovery of the work of lay ministry. Some continue to work in degree programs as well, such is their excitement with education!”

Her call that blossomed from one to 12 years has been an incredible journey at a college where she truly feels connected. Once this chapter closes, she looks forward to start another chapter closer to home in familiar surroundings:

“I’ve worked with some absolutely incredible people at Campion, and formed friendships that will last forever. The Jesuits with whom I’ve worked have shown me a Catholicism that truly cares about relationships – those with and for God, with and for people, and with and for creation. I continue to learn, and hopefully to teach, tenets of Ignatian spirituality. Being part of the Province Vocation Team has allowed me to see Jesuits and lay people all over Canada – in studies, social justice and advocacy work, campus ministry, education, and all manner of professions. It’s been a wonderful 12 years, and when I retire on St. Edmund Campion Day, December 1, 2017, I’ll keep memories too numerous to mention.”