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Sheri Block, B.A. Psychology, B.A. Journalism, Distinction (Regina)

Digital Content Producer and Journalist at CTV (Bell Media), Toronto

Sheri Block

Sheri graduated from Campion College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2000 and a Bachelor of Journalism in 2002.

Years ago, walking through the school, you may have picked up a Campion brochure with Sheri Block’s (and her friend CCSU President Natasha Leitao) picture on it. It was certain to describe extra programs and services unique to the school, but only she can tell you about the wealth of other things she’s experienced there…

Sheri has fond memories of her early days at Campion especially the staff she grew to know. Somehow, they made the school experience feel more homey and personal.  She relates, “I’ll never forget all the support and guidance I received from the wonderful staff, in particular, former President and Psychology Professor Dr. Joseph Schner, SJ. It was a welcoming environment that gave me a chance to excel at my studies and make lifelong friendships.” Opportunities to learn fostered by mentors along the way.

And since then, Sheri seized some great opportunities once graduating. From her early days as a reporter for the Leader Post, then as an entertainment and features reporter for the Calgary Herald, she has now become a digital content producer and journalist at CTV.  “I have been able to pursue my dream as an entertainment journalist working at newspapers and television stations in Regina, Calgary and Toronto. My most memorable career highlight has been reporting on Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding in 2011 from the ground in London and covering the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and JUNO Awards for the past several years.”

Yet, the future still holds more for Sheri’s career.  With having experienced trips to places like Hawaii, Europe, even Iceland, she one day hopes to combine her joy of travel with her passion for writing.

Pausing to look back, she takes stock in where she started from, “I feel fortunate to have received such a great head start from Campion and will continue to carry with me the values and work ethic I learned there in my future endeavors.”