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Shayne Gryba, B.Sc. (Regina)

Ph.D. Student at University of Toronto

Shayne Gryba

Shayne is a PhD student at the University of Toronto. He completed his Bachelors of Science in Physics in 2016 and completed an additional B.Sc. in Mathematics in Spring 2017.

Over delivering on expectations is a common compliment given to Campion by their student body. Compassion for and understanding of students’ goals is what sets Campion apart. Your goals become those of the college. Shayne relates,

“My fondest memories of Campion are of its friendly and helpful staff members. Whether I needed academic advising, help with paperwork, or personal guidance, I was always given their undivided attention and consistently received more help than I asked for. It was always such a pleasure to pop into the third floor of Campion; the staff's pleasant, eager demeanour plainly communicated that my success was important to them.

Attaining Honours in Physics is Shayne’s first momentous achievement, and will surely perpetuate more accomplishments down the road. His curiosity and wonder around theoretical physics drive him to conquer his next achievement:  “My future goals as a scientist surround answering fundamental questions in theoretical physics. Namely, I hope to further our understanding of quantum mechanics, which are the mysterious laws that govern the behaviour of elementary particles.”

That sense of gratitude for each other in this small college community represents the family values Campion aims to uphold. And “family” reciprocate by helping each other. In return for the support he received, Shayne’s contribution towards community happens right here within these walls as a peer tutor in Mathematics & Statistics. Shayne recalls:

“During that time I was able to help countless students improve their skills and understanding of mathematical concepts. The position was undoubtedly the most rewarding job I have ever had; there is no way to properly quantify the feeling you get as a tutor when you see a tough concept finally click for a student. In the future I hope to become a professor so that I can continue to inspire students to pursue the wonders of mathematics and science.”