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Ryan Arnott, B.F.A. (Regina)

Visual Artist, Curator

Ryan Arnott

Ryan graduated from Campion High School in 1970.

When Ryan attended Campion is was a time of cultural change. He developed life-long friendships and learned to appreciate the teachers who worked hard to give students a good education. He recalls his time there with affection: “In retrospect, I liked wearing a suit jacket and tie. It felt more mature and adult, although we pushed against the dress code in the late 60s, especially with our long hair. And I respected the sense of a higher purpose that was present because it was a Christian focused school. I also liked the atmosphere and the physicality of the building and grounds.”

Ryan sees his faith, which came years after high school, as his greatest accomplishment. Ryan’s pro-life activism grew from this faith: He became a board member of Regina Pro-Life in 2000 and later President from 2006-2008. He has taken a stand against abortion, seeing it as the greatest injustice in the world. He was encouraged in his efforts when he heard it had made an impact: “It’s awesome to think that our activity in Regina has saved lives. And we would occasionally hear such a thing… from a grateful mother who had changed her mind and given birth.”

As a visual artist, Ryan looks to the horizon in anticipation of new projects. He considers we are “created by the Creator to be creative”. It gives him purpose and joy to flesh out new works. He refers to Thomas Aquinas who wrote, “It is natural for people to love their own work (he meant labour, I read ‘artwork’) and the reason is that we love to be and to live, and these are made manifest in our action. We all naturally love that in which we see our own good.“

Ryan enjoys working in the arts community and promoting visual art and the artists. He curates shows at The University Club to display their latest works:

“Art-making can be a very personal activity, yet art is made to be shared with others… At the Club some local artists’ have had their first solo exhibitions, which I feel is very special. My approach is to serve the artists and assist them in presenting an excellent show of their important creations.”