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Rob Currie, B.Ed., M.Ed. (Regina)

Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

Rob Currie

Rob graduated from Campion College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1980.

Rob recalls that his parents, Cam and Jean, like many, wanted to afford their children the educational opportunities they didn’t have. He began at Campion High School, which gave him the footing to enter the college. The Jesuits’ influence and mentorship continued to have a great impact on him:

“I was blessed to have the visionary Fr. Nash as my counsellor; the ever positive and patient Mrs. Liebel as my registrar; and two Campion professors: Dr. George Marshall, who taught me philosophy and opened up a world of intellectual possibilities; and the legendary Fr. Gorski, who ignited my spiritual inner being through his incredible religious studies classes.  I think it became a bit obvious how much I appreciated and learned from him in that he, one day, informed me that I tied with another person for the most religious studies classes taken from him by a single student.”

Rob relishes his vocation for the life purpose it brings him. It has been an incredible journey with milestone achievements. Also, it has come with a wealth of supporters:

“I have been blessed to be able to work in what I consider, for me, to be the dream profession – education.  First serving as a classroom teacher, a school-based and senior administrator, director of education and now as the Ministry of Education’s Deputy Minister, I have benefitted from working with education colleagues who share the belief that education is about the development of the whole child and that students fully realize their potential when engaged with their learning.”

Another proud achievement is the recognition he received by Campion as one of the 2010 Campion Alumni of Distinction award recipients for his contributions. Additionally, in return, he happily serves on the College’s Board of Regents.

Rob’s life calling is to yield to God’s word and improve the life of others. He acknowledges that this could not be done without the endless support of his family – Carmen, Anna, Rhys, and especially his incredible wife, Ingrid.

He defines what the Campion experience is and how the College made him who he is today:

“The Jesuit and Campion College’s philosophy of cura personalis or care for the whole person has had a profound impact on my life.  Campion College’s emphasis for students to pursue being a well-rounded individual is a major part of who and what I am today. I humbly treasure being a part of Campion College’s rich history.”