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Rachel Evans, First-year


Rachel Evans

Prospecting can be a mutual endeavour. Both school and student can meet to see if a solid, working future lies ahead. The Campion team goes looking for future students aiming to make a connection and to see if students will be a good fit. That objective was met when Rachel encountered the Campion team:

“After attending an information night with fellow Campion prospects, I decided that this was the place for me. Their presenters and attending professors seemed very approachable and genuinely cared about my success. Not only for my future success as a Campion student, but also accomplishments from my past. I told them that I started off grade twelve as the only female football player on my high school team, while at the same time being a leader on the volleyball team.”

Rachel excels at wrestling. She made the leap from high school to university athletics with hard work and dedication. Her efforts are showing promise at every level of the sport:

“I wrestled for both my high school team and for a club team, which is run by the University of Regina wrestling coaches. Through the season, I achieved gold at cities, silver at provincials, and bronze at nationals. Most recently I represented Team Saskatchewan in Winnipeg at the Canada Summer Games and wrestled my way to a bronze medal.”

That road to excellence is also paved with accolades given locally by the high school and nationally by the Queen’s representative:

“In addition to my athletic achievements, I have also been awarded O’Neill’s Proficiency Award for the fourth year in a row. As a result, I have gratefully received the Governor General’s Award, the Wolfe Family General Achievement Scholarship, and the Centennial Merit Plus Scholarship.”

She volunteers at many local tournaments and events, as well as at an annual children’s Halloween party. The next leg of her academic journey is to explore which career path to take:

“My main goal for my next few years at Campion is to learn more about myself as an individual. From this further understanding, I will be able to choose a career path that suits my interests, because as a first year student I am still unsure of what I would like to do when I am finished school.”