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Noah Wernikowski, B.A.J. Distinction (Regina), J.D. Great Distinction (Saskatoon)

Student-at-Law, Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench

Noah Wernikowski

Noah attended Campion College from 2008 to 2012.

Prospective students aren’t often aware of the differences between options when deciding where to enrol in university. Noah remembers happily the benefits of choosing Campion: 

“Campion fostered a small, intimate community within the larger university experience that I remember fondly. The small class sizes, the retreats organized by campus ministry, the personalized guidance provided by the staff, and the free coffee on Friday mornings were all highlights.”

Noah believes he’s at the beginning of his career and life journey, but is proud of the work he’s done since he left Campion: 

“I have been relatively academically and professionally successful. I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with Distinction and immediately afterwards was one of four emerging journalists chosen from across Canada to work with a non-profit called Journalists for Human Rights in Accra, Ghana. I then managed the communications portfolio for the Regina Catholic School Division for two years before going to law school. I recently graduated from the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Law with Great Distinction and near the top of my class. I am now a Student-at-Law providing judicial research assistance at the Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan.”

It is essential to serve others, Noah believes. It was necessary for him find purpose and meaning in the profession he chose, so that his talents be used to help others:

“I have always wanted to help people and their communities and was drawn to law school because I saw it as a means to this end. Although I am not sure exactly what I will end up doing, this goal will always play a central role in my life – to use my skills and education to help people.”

Career aspirations aside, Noah enjoys being active in the community. He gladly finds the time to participate in various roles with local sport groups and NGOs:

“Volunteer work has always been important to me. I’m currently the Vice President of Saskatchewan Squash Incorporated and, in the past, have volunteered at a variety of non-profits including Pro Bono Students Canada, Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan, and the Regina Regional Intersectoral Committee (RIC).”