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Nicole Sarauer, J.D. Hons (Saskatoon)

Lawyer, MLA (Regina Douglas Park), Interim Leader of the Saskatchewan New Democrats

Nicole Sarauer

Nicole attended Campion College from 2004 to 2005.

Campion’s architecture makes for a naturally a contemplative environment but also proves to be a great social hub for students to connect and have great exchanges. Nicole fondly recalls:

“I loved the intimate atmosphere of Campion – friends and I would often use the main lobby area as a meeting spot. I loved grabbing some food at what I think was Gilmour’s at the time. We would sit and chat about all sorts of issues together: political, social, etc. It was a pretty great bonding experience, and a great space to bond in.”

Being asked to represent the public’s interests can be a daunting task. As the MLA for Regina Douglas Park and Interim Leader of the Official Opposition, as well as Leader of the Saskatchewan New Democrats, gives Nicole pause: “My greatest honour has to be being chosen by the people of Regina Douglas Park. It’s a humbling experience and a responsibility that I take very seriously.”

In her role as leader of the Official Opposition in the assembly, Nicole acts as the official critic for Justice and Corrections and Policing. She regularly stands up in the name of Saskatchewan people regarding pressing issues and fights for improved legislation:

“I hope to continue to work for the people of Regina Douglas Park, and push the Government of Saskatchewan on issues that are of particular importance to my constituents, one of which being better supporters for survivors of domestic violence.”

As a public servant, Nicole fills her day addressing the needs of the province. As a practicing lawyer in her community, she gives freely of her legal talents:

“I hope that I’m giving back to the community through the work I do. Unfortunately my work is so busy now that I have had to scale back on my volunteer commitments, but I am still volunteering at the Regina Free Legal Clinic, run by Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan, which provides free representation to individuals in Saskatchewan who do not qualify for legal aid and cannot afford a lawyer.”