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Neil Robertson, B.A. (Regina), L.L.B. (Toronto)


Neil Robertson

Neil graduated from Campion College in 1979.

Throughout all stages of his education, Neil Robertson values his Campion Experience as the highlight of his education: “Campion was a welcoming place at the university where you were amongst friends, were known as an individual, and where you could know and speak with the staff and faculty.  My best memories of Campion are of the people and their kindness.”

He came away with valuable life lessons, tenets of his learn, ultimately wisdom:

The value of a liberal education. Neil places a higher value on learning for learning’s sake above learning a trade: There seems to be much more emphasis, including in universities, on learning a trade nowadays.  While it is certainly useful to learn how to make a living, the arts and humanities teach how we should live.”

He places great value on small kindnesses. Neil says, “Sometimes we think we were lucky, but more often the luck is the result of someone caring enough to provide an opportunity by opening a door which would otherwise have remained closed.  That is the essence of a community.”

We have the responsibility to become someone greater. Neil argues that, “…the Church tells us that everyone has gifts and we have a duty to recognize and realize our own special gifts and then use them in the service of others. That gives meaning to our lives.”

Neil reflects on a life well lived, one lived with purpose and meaning: “In the almost four decades since I graduated, I married Magdalene Hollman with whom I raised two children, Sacha and Alice, pursued my profession as a lawyer, enjoyed life and have stayed active as a volunteer in community and professional groups.” Campion recognized this by bestowing Neil with the Campion Alumni of Distinction Award in 2013. As well, Neil received the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal in 2016.