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Mike MacNaughton, ICD.D (Regina)

Owner, Twisted Pair Productions

Mike MacNaughton

Mike graduated from Campion High School in 1976 and attended Campion College from 1977-1980.

Mike made relationships with friends from Campion that he still enjoys. The college gave him a solid footing he affirms could only be provided by a smaller institution, a place he called home for his university days:

“I recall many memories of the college and the closeness of the students, some of whom I still get together with today. I don't think that would have happened in a larger institution. My fondest memories of Campion include the amazing lunches that were prepared each day!  Good thing I was in my 20's and didn't seem to have a problem with weight!  I also recall that it was a great, quiet place to study and read.”

He feels the college was a fertile place and helped grow his interest in broadcasting and the recording industry:

“I believe my time at Campion greatly influenced my career path in creative industries.  I was involved with the university radio station – UROC at the time – and ultimately entered the radio broadcast industry.  I spent many years at Harvard Broadcasting and Rawlco Radio before venturing out on my own with a recording studio.  This business has spawned other businesses over the years in three different cities and across two provinces.”

Mike celebrates achievement in two arenas: business and volunteering. His leadership has been essential in collaborating the growth of notable local organizations:

“I would say my major accomplishments were building my businesses and being very involved in the community. I was a volunteer with the Regina Exhibition Association and sat on their board for a number of years. I was a member of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Game Entertainment Committee for many years and worked two Grey Cup events.  I've also been involved with creative industry associations such as Sask. Music and SMPIA (Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association)”

He’s enjoyed and shared some first experiences with some great people and moved toward growing the new ventures:

 “In 2013 I chaired the host committee for the first JUNO Awards in Regina.  This was a great success and led me to take on the formation of Saskatchewan's newest creative industry funding agency – Creative Saskatchewan.  I was proud to have helped get that organization up and running and was pleased to hand it off to an excellent board of directors.”

Always looking forward, Mike has great anticipation for the next chapters of his life and the personal joy it can bring: “My future goals include spending more time with my wife Cindy, preparing for a healthy and active retirement, watching my children succeed in their careers and waiting for grandchildren!”