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Megan Vogelsang, B.Sc., BScN (Regina)

Registered Nurse

Megan Vogelsang

Megan graduated from Campion in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in biology.

She remembers feeling welcome from the first day at Campion. Eventually, she felt at home and hopeful that classes would be meaningful and enriching at her new school:

“My two favourite memories of Campion were my first day and my last day as a student. The Campion Students’ Union organized an orientation day for Campion students, which was both a lot of fun and helped the transition to university. Orientation was exciting, and I felt much more at home with a small group of people. This was a feeling I always had while walking into, studying in, and taking classes through Campion. My favourite university class was Psychology 270 with Chris Oriet, in part because he gave me a great mark, but mostly because he made the subject so interesting.”

She also found spiritual richness in the Campion environment: “The last day for me was convocation and I went to the mass and celebration in the Campion chapel. I appreciated this because I grew up in the Catholic faith and it is important to me to incorporate faith into my accomplishments.”

Megan feels that though achieving academic milestones is central to success at university, being able to use that learning in meaningful ways beyond the classroom makes for joyous work:

“Passing my licensing exam to officially become a Registered Nurse was perhaps the most exciting accomplishment early in my career. However, I would argue that my greatest accomplishments are when my coworkers and I are able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients and their loved ones. Through bedside nursing, I am able to give back to my community by caring for both my patients and their families.”

Goals are really part of ones’ dreams when considering your life purpose. Megan knows she can make some of those dreams a reality in key roles:

“I have many future goals, and I chose nursing as a career because of the many opportunities it offers. I hope to preceptor and teach nursing students, I would like to work in areas of higher acuity such as intensive care or emergency. I would also love to pursue a Master’s degree in nursing. My hope is to make a difference in health care on a larger scale, which could be through policy development or education.”