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Marion Idun, B.Admin. Student, 3rd year

Business Admin Student, Member of Campion College Campus Ministry Team

Marion Idun

Marion is currently working on her Bachelor of Administration degree at the UofR and is actively involved with Campion Campus Ministry.

Marion is an international student all the way from Ghana, West Africa. Her heart goes out to others who’ve made a similar voyage. She likes to help and encourage new students to make them feel welcome in their new surroundings at Campion. This includes her involvement in the Ambassador Program and Campus Ministry: “Through Campion, I have been able to meet lots of its staff—including Chelsea Low—and made new and good friends who are also in my classes.”

Taking a chance and coming to a new country…being a stranger in a strange land, Marion feels, is her greatest accomplishment to date. That, and finishing her third year of study to now enter her fourth and final year.

Traditions often get left behind when immersing in a foreign culture. However, Marion enjoys adding new ones. She recalls, “My favourite memory at Campion was my first time helping out at the Thanksgiving Brunch, which is held every year and directed at both students and staff. I loved the food and still do!”

Marion believes life is about helping others selflessly and being a support, even with the little things. She tells, “I once had a student who was searching for URSU (students’ union) to inquire about a bus pass and decided to direct the student by taking them there myself. On the way, we had a great conversation about classes at the university and how to survive.”

From her helpful and supportive nature, Marion feels gratitude and wants to assist with the future goals of others, “I want to give by mentoring and helping people achieve their goals in life to as much capacity I can help with, if capable. By doing so, I will be helping someone’s dreams come to life!”

Marion pursues this in her role as a co-Project Manager for the Breaking Barriers Program held by Enactus Regina within the Business Faculty. Enactus, with assistance from volunteers, helps international students gain employability skills such as resume/cover letter writing, and build their knowledge of the Canadian work environment from listening to guest speakers. It helps students gain confidence with beginning their job search as new graduates.