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Makenna Weir, Bsc - Biology, 1st year


Makenna Weir

Makenna is a first year student biology at Campion.

Makenna is ready to embark on new studies at Campion, excited for what awaits. Her curiosity grew from positive comments about Campion by her teachers and also from the urging of a certain Campion alumnus, her Dad:

“All of the advisors and people that I have met with from Campion are so welcoming and kind so far.  They have made all of my experiences of transitioning from high school to university a breeze. I do not exactly have memories quite yet, but from my very little encounters with the school so far, I know I will make many fond memories in my time here.”

Her greatest accomplishment that sets the stage for success at Campion has been her ability to juggle her involvement in and passion for biathlon, basketball, and soccer, while keeping a satisfactory grade average:

“This is an accomplishment to me because I know my parents, friends, and family had all experienced where sports would dominate school causing an imbalance in the two, resulting in the dropping of whatever sport they were doing at the time.”

Makenna’s credo is to keep trying, do not quit, and get up one more time. She looks forward to potentially participating in the next Canadian Winter Games:

“A goal of mine in the future is to make the 2019 Canada Winter Games team for biathlon. I tried before in 2015 when I was just slightly too young and performed well for my age but not good enough for the team. Making this team would give me a personal triumph that all of my hard work since then has paid off. I often participate in charity events around my community to give back.”

Makenna enjoys school activities that are both fun and contribute to the well-being of others:

Most recently, I participated in our schools Awake-A-Thon to raise awareness for mental health. The campaign was called ‘One Life’ and it was designed by students at our high school to raise money for a local outlet called Mobile Crisis.”