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Luke Gilmore, B.A. (Regina)


Luke Gilmore

Luke is currently in his fourth year studying political science at Campion.

If you are a new student at Campion with a lot of ideas and visions for the future, Campion is a great for you. You can apply yourself in many ways to find meaning and purpose. Luke found that by participating in the Campion delegation to the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice in Washington, DC in November 2015. He has also found great purpose in working at the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy:

“I was able to immerse myself in French and deepen my knowledge of the language. It was an amazing opportunity to grow personally and to be an ambassador not only for Canada but also for Campion College. It was definitely a moving experience to be working where young men who attended Campion landed with the Regina Rifles during the first wave of the landing assault on D-Day.”

He lends his hand to many volunteer efforts: involvement through his church, Christ the King; volunteering with the Regina Multicultural Council; and also the Regina Balaton Hungarian Cultural and Social Club. However, he is especially moved by politics and social justice:

“My deepest passion lies in politics. I have been a local volunteer and national volunteer with the Liberal Party of Canada as well as the Young Liberals of Canada, and this is how I give back in a way to my community. At some points I am a poor partisan because I want people in general to be engaged and vote whether it is for my team or not.”

Luke recalls one major achievement of his time spent at university:

“My studies and time spent at Campion and therefore with the Jesuits, has helped deepen my passion for politics and social justice. All the work that I do comes down to the simple goal of bettering my community, country, and certainly AMDG – for the greater glory of God.”

Beyond his first degree, Luke wants to shift gears and gain some real world work, possibly in Europe. Afterwards, he hopes to return to studying, as he is considering attaining a Master’s degree in political science or completing a law degree.