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Linda Dewhirst, B.A. (U of Regina), B. Comm. (U. of A., Edmonton), M. Adult Ed. (Regina)


Linda Dewhirst

Linda graduated from Campion with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in 1975.

For Linda, her “70s Campion” experience was a captivating world:

“Campion, and those that were part of it at that time, were at the center of my university world. I met lifelong friends, studied and shared in the stresses of academia, took on my first volunteer roles, and enjoyed the social aspects of being part of this community.  Campion as an academic centre and home on campus, encouraged, supported and formed the adult I became.“

Along with her studies, Linda fostered a spirit of volunteering that included held positions on Campion Student Council for several years. She was also on Campion’s 75th Anniversary Celebration Committee, as well as the Board of Regents.

In her working career, she enjoyed her time with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the Government of Saskatchewan, the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Communications Network, and is certainly ready for the next stage: “Now that I have retired, I am grateful to be able to lead a balanced and full life surrounded by a loving husband, cherished family and friends, all of whom ground and enrich me.”

In the future, exploring the world is part of her plans, and she will take full advantage of her free time. She hopes to go on a river cruise in Europe, a trip to Alaska and the Yukon, and enjoy restful winters on Vancouver Island.

Contributing to community has never, in Linda’s view, been taken lightly. She set her own targets for supporting her favourite causes by giving her time and finances. Causes dear to her include Campion’s Centennial Anniversary this year and others:

“Volunteering time on the Campion 100th Anniversary Committee, the Book Sale for the Lifelong Learning Centre, U of R, and national curling events are also very important to me. My university experiences at Campion those many years ago helped foster my community foundation and nurtured my commitment as a contributing member in our society.”