100 Stories

Liane Laville Morse, B.A., B. Journalism Hons (Regina), M.A. (Northridge, CA)

Certified Translator, Language Teacher

Liane Laville Morse

Liane attended Campion from 1970 to 1973 and completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in French and English.

Talented, wise teachers have the ability to draw in their students, those with malleable minds, patiently waiting to see the sparks of enlightenment glow. Liane relays how professors did that for her through classical literature:

“Dr. Tom Rendall taught us the intricacies of Middle English in his teaching of Chaucer and, through his delivery, brought the characters to life. I can still recall his voice as he read the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales aloud in perfect Middle English.”

“In his class on 17th century poetry, Dr. Vern McCarthy’s explanation of how the metaphysical poets manipulate the English language was an inspiration to me. He demonstrated the resilience and pliancy of language, which I later came to appreciate as a linguistics student.”

A professor’s duty doesn’t stop at the classroom door. They understand that investment in their students really is an investment in education at large. These vignettes are glimpses at how Liane’s professors were so influential:

“I remember once discussing my schedule for the following semester with Fr. Burke-Gaffney. He explained each class and how it would fit in with my other courses. I asked him to choose for me, but he insisted I make the decision on my own. I came to appreciate his confidence in me, which I could not see at the time.”

Liane is a committed teacher and mother. To teach French at home to her children in somewhat isolation was an added challenge:

“One of my accomplishments is raising my four children to be bilingual. Living in California, there were no French schools near us and I found no bilingual community for support. During the eighties when our first child was born, there was also little research in support of raising bilingual children. Today, in spite of the obstacles, our children are bilingual and our oldest daughter is raising her own two children to speak French. I also went on to study linguistics, using this experience as the topic of my thesis."

She is currently writing a book on effective speaking techniques. Teaching is her gift given back to others. She regularly teaches adult students to speak French fluently. To the same end, she teaches English to students pursuing degrees at English speaking universities.