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Leisha Grebinski, B.A. Journalism (Regina)

Journalist and Host of CBC’s Radio One’s Saskatoon Morning

Leisha Grebinski

Leisha graduated from Campion College in 2004.

Leisha is a busy person these days but she remembers days past where she found quiet sanctuary in the Campion Library. There she would escape to read and write, studying to someday become a journalist.

With hard work that dream would be realized. It’s a job that she loves and every day is adventurous. She is fortunate that work becomes a daily discovery to engage new personalities and learn their stories: “My job is all about hearing and sharing stories. It's how we learn about each other, our community, and our country. How lucky am I to get a front row seat to it all!”

Leisha’s family has recently grown a little bigger. She and her husband Jordan are proud new parents to a beautiful baby girl: “Career aside, my greatest accomplishment is my newborn baby girl Zelda. She inspires me to make the world a better place.”

Like many new parents, Leisha anticipates the future and what it will bring; envisioning all the new stages of growth and changes to come. She dreams about what the future may look like: “I think one of my future goals is to have a radio show that makes my daughter proud. I want her to be inquisitive, empathetic, and generous and I believe I can model that to her through my work on Saskatoon Morning.”

Leisha’s volunteer involvement as a Big Sister prepared her for the changes that would eventually take place in her own life: “I have volunteered for many years as a Big Sister both in Regina and now Saskatoon. I have watched two girls grow into mature, smart, successful young women. I've learned so much from each of them.”

Volunteering is also very relevant and essential as we welcome refugees to our province. Leisha remarks, “I also started volunteering with a family of Syrian refugees this past year. Through them I have learned much about the struggles of war, Muslim faith, Arabic culture and food. I talk about these experiences on the show because they help illuminate what many Canadians are doing right now as we welcome many newcomers to our city.”