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Kirsten Bligh, B.F.A., B.A. Hons (Regina)

Film and Television Production

Kirsten Bligh

Kirsten attended Campion from 2008 to 2013, achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film production and a Bachelor of Arts Honours in theatre studies.

Her involvement through the mentorship program grew in a ‘give and take’ sort of way and ultimately produced the bonds of lasting friendship:

“I was grateful to be able to share my knowledge with that protégé and make her feel comfortable and eager to be through Campion. We met throughout the year multiple times to talk about classes, professors, assignments, and just general university life. The passion she displayed was contagious. We still have a strong friendship to this day and I have learnt just as much from her as I was hoping to foster within her.”

Kirsten transitioned to Campion from Luther, finding it a better fit. At Campion, the theatre and film programs spoke to her, especially through a mentor:

“I had never taken a theatre class before, and I was so hooked after the first class, I decided to get a whole second degree in it. My theatre advisor, Dr. Leanne Groeneveld, was/is always extremely animated and passionate when she talks. And she challenged my creative and academic thinking over a wide range of theatrical genres.”

A great accomplishment has been having the courage to start over in a city far away, to serve her art, explore a new environment, find opportunity and hopefully build a new life:

“I forced myself in the first month of living in Toronto to leave the house every day and do something new because I knew that if I didn't leave my new apartment, I would become too scared to go out and take risks. It’s now been three years since living in Toronto and I have built a community of friends both with (no longer) strangers and other Saskatchewan people who also made the big move.”

Dreams are often ambitious and don’t make sense to others, seemingly unrealistic - yet, they help a person define themselves, and in Kirsten’s case, through artistic expression:

“I want to write a play and have it produced. I want to write a feature film and have it made. I want to write a set of short stories and have it published. Ultimately, I want to share my thoughts and observations, and be able to have a life that is fluid and free that allows me to spend more time in the place I miss and love and want to tell tales about: Saskatchewan.”

Helping or just showing up shows that you are contributing to others’ successes and being supportive: “I always try to show my support through attendance.  Other than accomplishing one's own artistic goals, nothing is more satisfying than helping someone realize their own.”