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Katherine Duran, Final-year


Katherine Duran

Katherine is currently in her final year at Campion, completing the requirements for a business diploma, a Level II certificate in administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology.

Katherine is stacking up the odds in her favour with an assortment of certifications upon graduation:

“I am a fourth-year Campion student in the faculty of arts majoring in psychology. While I have a passion for how the mind works, I am also doing a concurrent program in business. In 2015, I completed my level I certificate in administration while continuing to work towards my business diploma. I will convocate in 2018 with a business diploma, level II certificate in administration, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology.”

She remarks what others have noted about Campion culture, yet everyone’s response is still very personal. Hers is not simply a recollection of time spent there; it reflects a common ‘attitude of gratitude’:

“My favorite memory of Campion is how helpful and inviting the faculty is – I have really determined that everyone at Campion College is there to help support you. From the advisors who continuously help you pick which classes to take, to the tutors who have spent countless hours teaching me very tough concepts, to the janitors that always ask how my day is; everyone at Campion has truly contributed to the positive learning environment Campion College has adopted.”

If you can’t change your circumstances, change your perspective. These are wise words, which Katherine has applied to her life. They’ve carried her through her physical struggles. She doesn’t simply ‘take care’ but ‘takes charge’:

“I was born with primary Lymphedema, which means I have a compromised immune system, extremely swollen limbs, and mobility issues, among other things. This hardship throughout my life can be physically and psychologically debilitating. However, with the right mindset and resources available, it gives me the confidence to not only pursue my dreams, but to actually achieve them. Thus, I am responsible in taking control of my own life.”

Katherine is committed to giving back to others and ensuring they get the same chances to succeed as she was:

“I think it is so important that everyone has the chance to be successful and sustain monetary independence. In our modern and innovative society today, there is the opportunity to be successful if you’re willing to put in the work, no matter what your abilities are. I positively impact the community by helping the less fortunate in donating food and clothing items and volunteer my time to organizations that contribute to the wellbeing of both our current and future generations.”