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Julia Creusot, First-year


Julia Creusot

Julia is studying philosophy, politics, and economics at Campion.

Can you remember what it was like anticipating what university would be like? It was filled with wonder no doubt, but likely, there was a thread of worry or concern. For Julia, that was all quickly dashed away upon meeting Mike Muma, the enrolment counsellor:

“He’s always so eager and happy to help me with any questions I send his way and he is patient with me, which is much appreciated as a clueless freshman. Everyone who works at Campion seems to be super welcoming and really helpful and I’m looking forward to being around people like that for the next four years.”

“My favourite memory is my first memory.  We went to play laser tag and I went in knowing absolutely no one but I was quickly welcomed with open arms. Being there and interacting with everyone showed me the sense of community and family that Campion embodies. That's when I knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of.” 

Julia is no stranger to competition and the discipline it takes to achieve. She prides herself on her performance in fencing at the international level recently in France:

“I would have to say that my greatest accomplishment is finishing 50th at the Fencing World Championships in Bourges, France last year. There were over 450 people at the tournament and it was my first big international competition …so I was very nervous but overall happy with my performance.”

Now she sets her sights on conquering her next goal and folding it in with academic goals. “I am currently planning on qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, while pursuing a degree and doing well enough to hopefully get into law school,” says Julia.

Like any good student, she appreciates and respects the qualities of leadership and mentorship. Julia lends a hand to help the next generation of students and continues to be an ambassador for the fencing community. She also finds volunteering with seniors to be a rewarding experience:

“When I have downtime from training and homework I like to help a more senior fencer teach a class for kids under 10. I also help to referee at tournaments and love going out to demos to educate people about the sport that I love so much. I also enjoy volunteering at senior’s homes and listening to their stories and spending time with them.”