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Judy Wensel, B.F.A. (Regina)

Current Student in the Directing Program, National Theatre School of Canada - Montreal

Judy Wensel

Judy graduated from Campion in 2009 with a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts.

Campion has fully supported Judy’s academic needs. She feels connected to the professors who believed in her journey:

“I’ll always remember Campion as a quiet, intimate sanctuary I could slip away to when needing time and space away from the fast, loud and active pace of the theatre department. Having both environments at my fingertips provided a necessary balance between peaceful introspection and rigorous immersion… I also fondly remember the professors at Campion who took the time to engage with me on a personal level and follow my development as an emerging artist both within the university, but also within the Regina community at large.“

For aspiring artists on the prairies, therein lies the question: “Could they thrive without sacrificing their art?” Despite the vastness of this country, Judy is determined to reach out to artists nationally, and internationally. Striving for excellence compels her to compete with the country’s best, a major accomplishment:

“This desire to connect outwards led me to pursue study in the Directing program at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal this past fall. I am currently one of only two students enrolled in this highly competitive program, and the first student in the Directing Program’s history to originate from Saskatchewan.”

In the future, Judy hopes to be re-defining what it means to be an artist on the prairies but there is still a long road ahead:

“I think there is a lot of work to be done to encourage exchange between Saskatchewan theatre artists and our national peers. Upon completion of my studies at NTS, I plan to return to Regina and continue working with collaborators who are bringing strong artistic leadership to Saskatchewan. I want to nurture the ecology of contemporary theatre creation by supporting the visions of my fellow theatre makers and by leading my own projects. Together, we will continue to challenge a prevalent belief in smaller centres: that important culture can only come from elsewhere.”

Judy is always creating, mentoring and exploring with other artists. She gives back by mentoring students at Globe Theatre School’s Youth Company:

“Over three years, we worked closely together, advancing individual practices, challenging traditional theatre conventions and exploring new perspectives on creation-based models. I always aim to give young people tools to identify and use their own voices while creating their own work…Through this kind of mentorship, a surge of young improvisers, playwrights and theatre creators are taking their first steps as emerging artists and no doubt will shape the future of our city’s and our provinces theatre landscape.”