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Jim Gallagher, B.A., B.Ed. (Regina)

Retired Teacher

Jim Gallagher

Jim graduated from Campion with a degree in music and philosophy in 1974.

Although he hadn’t considered teaching as a career until the final year of his studies, he believes the B.A. through Campion prepared him well for what was to follow: “I began a 35-year career teaching in Regina Catholic High Schools. Teaching became my vocation allowing me to pursue my two favourite vocations, music and athletics, in my free time.”

In addition to the rewards of teaching, Jim experienced some other, rather unexpected, opportunities over the next several decades. He names a few influential people he’s grateful crossed his path:

“Looking back over the past 40 years, I treasure remarkable opportunities to have met and even studied with a wide array of musical and sports luminaries including two of the best at their respective professions, jazz legend Oscar Peterson, and basketball icon John Wooden, coach of the UCLA Bruins, and there were many more.  I also thank Germain Grisez, world renowned philosopher (seven years at Campion College in the 70’s), who taught us the invaluable lessons of critical and unbiased thinking; not that I ever came close to living up to Grisez’s standards, but I think my life was a lot more stable, allowing me to accomplish things and truly enjoy doing so, as a result of his wisdom and influence.”

In addition to the curricular component of teaching, Jim also became very engaged in extracurricular programs throughout his career.

“In addition to classroom duties, I coached every year. Our basketball teams advanced to provincial championship to play seven times, winning three gold and three silver medals. I look back on all those experiences as some of the most fulfilling in my life.  In addition I coached the Saskatchewan Games, Western Canada Games, and Saskatchewan provincial teams at national championships a total of eight times - summers well spent.”

Toward the end of his career, he fulfilled another leadership role, culminating in four terms as President of the Regina Catholic School’s Teachers’ Association. Nowadays, he gives back serving on the U of R Senate. Recently, he produced a RCS resource manual: “More TO THE GAME…Preserving and Promoting Real Values in High School Athletics” that is rooted in the strong connections between traditional Catholic virtues and athletic values. It is partly an educational resource, partly a moral compass, but also partly his contribution as a way to say thank you: “For me, this path all started back at Campion – High School and College – and I am very grateful to everyone associated with that phase of my life.”