100 Stories

Jean Mahoney,

Retired Registerd Nurse

Jean Mahoney

Jean chaired the Board of Regents at Campion College from 1992 to 1994, after joining in 1991.

(Jean’s profile was transcribed on her behalf with the help of her daughter, Maureen Stinnen)

Jean’s connection to Campion started with her three sons. She served in several capacities, often at social events for students at Campion High School, but also as board chair on the Campion Board of Regents. Her memories are many, and she comes away with resounding gratitude. As Maureen, Jean’s daughter relays “She’s most grateful that her sons benefitted from a Jesuit education and remains indebted to the Jesuit Fathers for that quality of education which goes beyond the classroom.”

Her greatest accomplishments, naturally with most mothers, are her children, raised with late husband, John. Together, the family was the focus:

“Family was always top priority. In our journey as family, we were able to share beautiful moments, and to teach them to contribute to society meaningfully. Service of faith and promotion of justice were prime. The ability to share faith as family by our witness and acceptance of others by our openness was key.”

Defined as a ‘Woman wired for leadership’, Jean filled many public capacities upon graduating from St. Paul’s School of Nursing. She joined community boards, task forces and health care initiatives. She helped develop the Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation, co-created scholarships, and helped to change and improve the Saskatchewan Nurses Act.

A community’s well-being is part and parcel of a nurse’s duty. Jean reached out to community by volunteering through several avenues, notably the Catholic Women’s League of Canada. As the national president, she was called on to produce a research paper for the Royal Commission for Reproductive Technology. Her talents and influence were even required abroad in assisting Grandmothers of Argentina in the search for their missing grandchildren. In addition, she also spent some time with the Grandmothers in Buenos Aires at the request of Development and Peace (C.C.O.D.P.).

Her dedication to serving humanity culminated in many accolades including two Papal awards: being named Dame Commander of St. Gregory the Great, presented by the Archdiocese of Regina, as well as the Pro-Ecclesia Et. Pontifice award. Other awards include the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal and the Canada Volunteer Award. In June 2017, Jean received the St. Edmund Campion Medal. To this day, she continues to volunteer at local health care facilities. Jean states that one of her future goals is to accomplish as much as possible in each day, in humble service, where it is most needed.

In celebration of Campion’s Centennial, Jean conveys a congratulatory message: “Congratulations to Campion College as we gather to celebrate the 100th Anniversary and celebrate men and women who have been inspired and formed in the same tradition of St. Edmund Campion. Let us celebrate leadership in service for others.”