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Jackie Beaurivage, B.A. English (Regina), Diploma Education (Montreal), M.B.A (Montreal)

Corporate Director, Home Capital Group

Jackie Beaurivage

Jackie graduated from Campion College in 1974.

Jackie recalls how her Campion days all began: “My mother was fierce in her desire so see me get an education … I must find a scholarship and do whatever it took to get myself to college.  Thanks to a scholarship from the Kinette Club of Regina, for which I will always be grateful, off to Campion I went.”

She remembers special times with friends in the cafeteria “hanging out”, often with Father Nash nearby. Upon graduating she felt very uplifted but suddenly grounded:

“… my father asked me how I planned to make a living with a BA in English Lit…  “was I going to be a poet?”, he asked.  That was about the time reality began to set in, and the halcyon days of Campion had to be harnessed for good use.”

She began a career in teaching but opportunities were soon declining. She chose to return to school, completing her MBA and partial work in a Doctoral Program in Business. Jackie moved up the ranks in the banking world. By 1994, she became the President and CEO of CIBC Trust, ultimately retiring from CIBC as a Senior Vice-President. She is now a certified corporate director.    Looking back on her career Jackie reflects, “Who could have imagined that the girl from Campion with a BA in English Lit would have ended up with an outstanding career in high finance?  Not a poet, but it all worked out okay!”

However, Jackie would not appraise her career success as her greatest accomplishment. A sudden family crisis led her to champion a new cause she believes is her most impacting legacy:

“When my youngest son was 17, we nearly lost him to suicide.  I began an intense study of mental illness, depression… As a result of that experience, I spent seven years working for the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (three years as Chair of the Board): an organization that provides peer support, clinical counselling, programs and information to people suffering from mental illness, and their families.”

Above all, her son overcame his depression, says Jackie, “He is 31 years old today, and happily living in Berlin!” In 2007, Jackie was the recipient of the Heart Award, nominated by her son.  The Heart Award is given to someone who helped another through mental illness. It’s not a professional accolade; it’s a public expression of an intimate bond between mother and son.