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Halena Seiferling, B.A. Hons (Regina), M.P.P. (Vancouver)

NGO Policy Analyst and Advocate and Freelance Writer

Halena Seiferling

Halena graduated from Campion with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in 2013. 

Halena remembers the simple pleasures of hanging out with friends and good food: “Henderson's sandwiches - always so delicious, and so convenient! I remember especially in my first year, when I had more of my classes at Campion, I would often meet friends to eat and catch up in the lounge.”

Particularly she enjoyed English classes at Campion, including a thought-provoking environmental poetry course with Dr. Chris Riegel. She also enjoyed working as a tutor/mentor for Campion English courses for several years. 

Obtaining her Master’s degree in public policy from Simon Fraser University is her greatest achievement yet and has made her more curious and determined to understand the function and policy of governments:

“Coupled with my undergraduate education from Campion, I now have a deep understanding of the political and social processes, which organize and impact our lives. I can use this knowledge to change inequalities and injustices in our world.”

At the top of her wish list of future goals, Halena hopes to write and publish a novel someday. She is interested in writing about the nuanced and complex ways people relate to each other, to themselves, and the larger social structures around us. 

As far as community involvement and giving back, Halena has had a stake in government function at the grassroots level. She was recently a member of Vancouver’s Independent Election Task Force, whose job was to recommend ways the city could improve the municipal voting system: 

 “I'm currently involved in engaging Vancouver residents in our report's recommendations and in advocating for the implementation of our proposed changes in order to make Vancouver's elections more accessible, transparent, and representative of all residents.”