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Georgina Jackson, B.A. (Regina), L.L.B. (Saskatoon)


Georgina Jackson

Georgina graduated from Campion in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Georgina’s learning had many doors yet to be unopened at Campion, and when they did, they unleashed new worlds of wonder and discovery:

“…As part of a course on The Historical Jesus, Father Gorski explained the addition of the doxology “for Thine is the Kingdom” to the Lord’s Prayer with such enthusiasm that I remember the moment and the lesson as if the event had occurred yesterday.  Dean Burke-Gaffney’s teaching of Milton’s Paradise Lost instilled in me a life-long interest of poetry and literature.  Dr. White’s explanation of the history of Saskatchewan politics was a revelation to me. One personal memory of Dr. White stems from my graduation ceremony when he exhibited great kindness to my parents.“

Georgina’s future would include teaching. Her mentors at Campion emulated such a strong teaching model, it eventually influenced her interest in teaching:

“Father Isadore Gorski, Dean Desmond P. Burke-Gaffney and Dr. Clinton O. White, along with professors from the University of Regina such as Dr. Joan Givner, Dr. Jeannie Wagner and Dr. Martin Bergbusch, demonstrated exceptional teaching skills and played a role in my interest in teaching law students, lawyers and judges. I thank my professors for all of their efforts.”

In giving back Georgina has contributed in many ways. In addition to speaking and teaching at provincial, national and international levels, she has assumed significant leadership roles within the administration of justice including serving as table officer and president of several organizations including being the current President of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice.

Georgina’s passion for law has never ceased. It gives her great inspiration and purpose. Combine that with her interest and ability in teaching and you’ve summed up her greatest purpose:

“Being appointed to the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan over 25 years ago has obviously been a significant part of my life. My undergraduate degree prepared me for a career that demands a lot of reading and writing and it also contributed to a lifelong interest in teaching.”

Amongst other opportunities to speak and teach abroad, Georgina has also twice had the opportunity to travel to Morocco:

“On my first trip to Morocco, I helped to develop a curriculum in judicial ethics for lawyers training to be judges and on the second occasion, I taught the professors at the Judges’ School in Rabat how Canadian judges teach judicial ethics.  I marvelled at this initiative which saw a female English speaking Catholic judge from a common law province in Canada, teaching ethics to judges in a civil law country where the first language is Arabic and the primary religion is Islam.”

Georgina reflects, regarding her future goals that living must continue to include clarity in purpose and respect towards others, “At this stage of my life, it remains foremost to focus on what is important, which I have distilled to living as good and kind a life as possible.”