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Fred Marcia,

Retired Alumni

Fred Marcia

Fred is the former Executive Director of Administration Services, and during his time, worked with five different Presidents at Campion.

Fred saw evolution and growth as he worked with the school administration to help Campion prosper. In time, with hard work and perseverance, things grew, “It was amazing to experience the growth and physical changes over the years.  The staff and students made my time a rewarding experience.” He saw student enrolment go from less than 300 to a student population of over 1300. Financially, he helped fortify the school too, Fred says, “A positive for me personally was establishing an endowment fund and seeing it grow over the years.”

He looks back with fondness over the 35 years he contributed to Campion’s success. However, he does give pause, remembering some of the hills and valleys along the way:

“I enjoyed my time at Campion and all the challenges, trials, and events.  It was a wonderful career and the Jesuits were great to work for and with…the challenges working with the government always made for a mystery worth solving. The relationship with the UR was up and down especially when they opened up the fee share agreement - there was a concern whether Campion would survive or not, thank God level heads prevailed.”

In his retirement, Fred still aims to make a positive impact in the community and contributes to the BCSPCA.