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Frank McCrystal, B.A., BEAD (Regina)

Retired Regina Rams head coach

Frank McCrystal

Frank attended Campion High School from 1968-1972. He attended Campion College from 1972-1976, completing a Bachelor’s degree in English and political science.

Campion has long instilled a competitive culture of sport. The focus was always the students, anchored by the support of a great collective of Jesuit educators who placed a high value and importance on what they do. Frank conveys:

“Certainly the Jesuits along with all the staff of the college always put the students first. And this student-centered delivery of education resulted in a great deal of involvement with extracurricular activities again at the College. Campion always made you feel you were a part of something special.”

Frank spent decades in the football programs on campus, both as a player and in leadership roles:

“I was fortunate to play football with the Regina Rams from 1972-1976, along with a considerable number of other Campion grads. As well, I spent 36 years coaching the Regina Rams, 31 of which I was the head coach. The transition from a junior football team to the University of Regina Rams in 1999 was a rewarding experience for both our football program and the University of Regina athletics.”

He has not grown weary of the sport and continues to enjoy it both as a spectator and in supportive roles.  He takes pride in the dynasty of players, especially those that went on to play for notable NFL franchises: “These include Jon Ryan with the Seattle Seahawks, Akiem Hicks with the Chicago Bears, Stefan Charles with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Brett Jones with the New York Giants. All of these players would have, at one time, taken Campion classes.”

When you are passionate for something, it’s hard to separate yourself. Retirement for some never truly means ‘the end’ but maybe new beginnings in living out a lifelong commitment:

“I spent a great deal of time volunteering as a baseball, basketball, and football coach. Since my retirement, my contribution to the community now stands more as a consultant/mentor to those who are now coaching. I always believed in the values and sense of worth that the Jesuit institution instilled in those people it touched, whether they were students, instructors, or support staff. My past goals and now those of my retirement were and are to remain true to the selfless contribution to the community that a Jesuit education promoted and encouraged.”