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Fr. Frank Obrigewitsch, S.J., B.A. English, B.Ed., M.A. (Toronto)

Priest, Educator

Fr. Frank Obrigewitsch, S.J.

Fr. Frank graduated from Campion High School in 1961.

Transformed – that is how Fr. Frank Obrigewitsch, S.J., feels about spending grades 11 and 12 at Campion High School. He admits it changed his life and joined him to a family of lifelong friends and influential mentors. Those two years steered him onto his life’s journey as Jesuit educator and priest:

“Who could not be influenced by passionate teachers like Fr. Patrick Boyle, S.J, and his vivid account of Irish history, Mr. Brzezicki, S.J., and his insistence on memorization of poems – “O Wild west wind,/ thou breath of Autumn’s being...”, or the droll humour of  Fr. O’Brien’s geometry classes – ‘watch the board and I will go through it again!’

“But even more importantly for me the Jesuits at Campion, especially regents like Fr. Dodge, S.J., Fr. Frank Whelan, S.J., and priests like  Fr. Charles Sitter, S.J., led me to discover my vocation to be a Jesuit.”

Fr. Frank would devote the next 23 years of his ministry to secondary education at St. Paul’s High School in Winnipeg and Loyola in Montreal. Then, in 1995 his Jesuit provincial superior sent him to teach English Literature at Campion, which he did so gladly.

In my second stint at Campion, it was a privilege to be in the classroom with students, to work with and be associated with wonderful colleagues and to collaborate with so many talented and generous people on staff and on the Campion board, and with so many others at Luther College, First Nations University, and the University of Regina!  It was an honour to take a turn at serving Campion as Assistant Dean and Dean.”

In February 2015, he was called to be pastor at St. Ignatius Parish in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which included administering the Education Centre and a K-8 elementary school.  He confesses in time he discovered deep meaning and purpose in his calling, “It is exciting and challenging to learn now what it means to be a pastor of a parish; but, A.M.D.G., it is all for the greater glory of God.” 

The Campion community found similar joy in their rich relationship with Fr. Frank, and presented him with the St. Edmund Campion Medal at the spring convocations ceremony in 2016.