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Ethan Reis, B.A. Political Science, 4th Year (Regina)

Campion Arts, Political Science major

Ethan Reis

Ethan is currently working on his Bachelor of Political Science degree through Campion College.

Ethan is the third generation of the Reis family belonging to the Campion community. In fact, his parents, Pat and Desiree were married in the college chapel, also the place of his baptism. He is currently a fourth year Political Science major now making cherished memories of his own.

He has a fondness for his school but also for the opportunities that Campion has given him, such as the chance to explore Italy during the 2016 Campion College study tour. The opportunity he says, “serves as a testament to the college’s commitment to the value of a liberal arts education.”

Ethan also finds great comfort in the tranquil and accessible setting of Campion’s library where new students can join to feel welcome. He notes,

“The transition to university life can be daunting and at times intimidating. However, Campion’s accessible and welcoming nature made this transition easier, giving me a sense of belonging at the university…One of Father John Meehan’s many messages that have stuck with me throughout the years is his commitment to making Campion an accessible space for all students and all peoples, and that accessibility and openness is a memory that I have and will continue to cherish.”

His pinnacle of achievement he believes is yet to come but takes great pride in his induction to Alpha Sigma Nu in 2016. Also, in winning the Barry Wall Memorial Book Prize. Ethan is certain the Campion years will be the foundation for future goals, especially with his hope to attend law school.

Ethan feels fortunate to belong to the Campion community and this includes the opportunity for travel and learning, but also to give to those who have little. Last fall he joined other volunteers to fill shoeboxes with presents and supplies to be distributed to those in need by Operation Christmas Child. “I continue to volunteer with Alpha Sigma Nu and have found the experiences to be rewarding and insightful.” he says.