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Derek Stoffel, B.A. Political Science , Bachelor of Journalism (Regina)

CBC News Middle East Bureau Chief

Derek Stoffel

Derek is a graduate of Campion. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science in 1994, and a Bachelor of Journalism and Communications in 1996 – both degrees through Campion.

He travels to distant countries to unveil the truth and tell the stories behind many events impacting our world. And for Derek Stoffel, CBC’s Middle Eastern Correspondent, that journey has no end in sight. It did however, have a distinct beginning. It started at Campion College.

His journey begins with the experiences typical to a new student: similar joys, common pitfalls and yet peaceful times of reflection experienced in the serene stillness of Campion’s walls that seems to speak back to you. There, students learn about their subjects, how to be a student and about each other. “We spent hours planning our days – and our lives. We drank too much coffee in the cafeteria, spent too much time indulging in distractions, but what really stands out for me was the quiet and intimate space that Campion provided to me during such formative years of my life.”

Campion also is a place to make social exchanges cultivate new bonds, and allow for deep ponderings - challenge the world…challenge yourself.

Derek built on what he calls his “outsized curiosity and innate instinct to ask why?”, then, be it talking to world leaders or ordinary people, he scours the globe and digs deep to discover those answers.

He’s proud that he found his calling so early on. “I’m one of the relatively few people I know who, when considering what they wanted to do ‘when growing up’, is now doing exactly just that. I always knew I wanted to be a storyteller and journalist. Now I’m doing it in one of the most interesting (and volatile) parts of the world”.

As a way of giving back, Derek would like to return to the classroom someday, and gather up many of those stories from his journey, but in the role as teacher. While he has mentored younger journalists he would like to “inspire and teach some day.”