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Denis Jakubowski, B.Ed. (Regina), Diploma, School Guidance and Counselling (Regina)

Retired Campion Entrance Counsellor

Denis Jakubowski

Denis began working at Campion in 2000 until his retirement in 2014.

Denis was inclined to be a part of Campion even though it was not his school. It was a unique place… distinct and attractive:

“When I attended the University of Regina, Campion was constructed. I could not be a Campion student because I was in the faculty of education. However, whenever I could use their library, I did so—it was the quietest place to work and to catch the occasional nap. I also often attended their Sunday masses as they had guitars and hymns that no other church sang. There was guaranteed participation by all in attendance, in a more intimate setting.”

If you were from the Catholic community, taking the next step and attending Campion made sense:

“Over the 20 plus years of recommending Campion to high school graduates, I never had a negative comment regarding the College. Therefore, when I retired from teaching and was asked to join the staff of Campion as their entrance counsellor, I was obviously ecstatic!”

The registrar instinctually saw that Denis could be a part of the Campion staff. It happened in a very subtle way. This was one season of his life that would suddenly get extended:

“The day that I was asked to consider becoming part of Campion is one that I will not forget. After bringing students from Archbishop M.C. O'Neill High School to the college to register for their first year classes, the registrar Deborah Morrison asked me to stay and meet the executive director. At that time we arranged to have lunch and discuss the possibility of being employed--at an institution that I admired and had dealt with for so many years. I remember coming home that day and telling my wife that I guess I am not retired.  Fourteen years later, I retired.”

The staff at Campion was very unified in its mission to deliver the best educational experience to its student body:

“Being a staff member at Campion was a privilege. Everyone was there to ‘do what was best for the students.’ There was a genuine team approach as we organized events such as the annual orientation for first year students, the mixer barbeque, high school registration, etc. The cooperation of faculty and staff, who willingly gave of their time to assist with these events, was significant---and greatly appreciated.”

Denis was very engaged in his role at Campion. He felt he could push beyond his role as entrance counsellor, even acting more in a student advisory role, which, says Denis, “I very much enjoyed. And to have a student comment after an advising session that ‘I understand that now,’ was the ultimate!”

Denis’ care for kids naturally turns towards his family, especially now, his grandchildren:

“Currently, much of my time is spent watching my grandchildren as they participate in various school and community activities. Sometimes this involves transporting them to and from these activities and there is nothing that my wife and I would sooner do than be a part of their lives in this way. It certainly keeps one busy but in such an enjoyable way. Yes, life is good!”