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Darcy Dumont, B.A. Distinction (Regina)

Law Student

Darcy Dumont

Darcy completed a Bachelor of Arts in justice studies at Campion College in 2015.

Darcy is presently attending the college of law at the University of Saskatchewan. Great memories usually include many friendly faces. That’s what Darcy sees when he looks back at Campion days and his involvement there:

“I have many fond memories of Campion, but my favorite is of all the great people I met there.  Between joining the Campion College Students’ Union, the Campion Connect Mentorship Program, and attending classes at Campion, I met and became friends with many outstanding students and staff members. It is difficult to pick out one specific memory that I would call my favourite, but I would list CCSU meetings, CCSU Game Nights, and Campion Connect Mentorship movie nights as memories that stand out.”

The first of his family to enter university, Darcy is filled with encouragement towards a promising academic journey:

“At this time, my greatest accomplishment is completing my degree at Campion College. I was the first person in my family to attend and graduate from university, so it is an accomplishment that I am extremely proud of. An accomplishment that is a close second place is being accepted at multiple law schools throughout Canada and making the decision to attend the college of law at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Without the outstanding staff at Campion College, I am not sure if I would have achieved either of these accomplishments, so I owe them a great deal of thanks.”

Darcy is deeply involved with the student committees and enjoys contributing to student academic life:

“As a member of the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU), my responsibilities include serving as a liaison between the Law Students’ Association (LSA) and the USSU. We aim to establish policies and the direction of the USSU in areas affecting student affairs and promoting the general welfare of undergraduate students. In addition, I am a student member of University Council at the University of Saskatchewan. I sit on academic appeal boards that have the responsibility of hearing and making a decision in regards to a student’s academic appeal.”

Darcy looks forward to pursuing a promising legal career after graduation: “This coming school year (2017-2018) is my final year at the college of law. My goals following the completion of law school include establishing my career as a lawyer, while finding time to be active within my community.”