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Curtis Kleisinger, B.A., B.Ed., M.A. (Regina)

Executive Director, MTMS

Curtis Kleisinger

Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2014.

Curtis attended Campion College at the University of Regina and graduated with a B.A. in History in 1999. He also used office space there while launching Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS), the first Jesuit Nativity modeled school in Canada

As a student, if you want to escape the bustle of campus and find a contemplative place to study, the Campion Library is the right choice. Alternatively, it you need solace and find a place for recovery, for Curtis, it worked both ways:

“Some of my favourite memories of Campion College (as a student) occurred in the Campion College Library.  Once I discovered that it was the quietest place on campus and a great place to be productive or alternatively, to catch a nap between classes, I did some of my best work there.  This space was very valuable to me during my time as a student athlete on campus.” 

And while he was preparing to open MTMS, he enjoyed his many visits with Fr. John Meehan: “We spent many hours discussing world events, life at Campion and Ignatian Spirituality. It was he who taught me more about St. Ignatius and what it means to be Jesuit. This mentorship proved incredibly valuable as I prepared to open the school.” 

Though he believes his greatest accomplishment is his family, it is also through his vocation. At MTMS, Curtis is proud to be part of a team mending the past but building a future with the aboriginal community:

“It is indeed an honour to serve students and families in our community who live in poverty.  They have taught me much more than I have ever taught them.  Working with an amazing group of educators, that does incredible work each day, is also incredibly humbling.  Their work is doing great things to foster reconciliation and trust with in our community.”

All the instruction, care and support given by the staff at the school, is done to achieve a net result. Curtis feels that it is both his goal and future duty that the kids entering grade 12 not only graduate, but find post-secondary opportunities after. 

For Curtis it is all about servitude, also by giving back through volunteering opportunities. His skills and education are used in support of others, whether it’s at the school, working with veterans groups, being on various boards and committees or coaching sports.