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Chris Lindenbach, B.A., M.A. (Regina)

Master's Student

Chris Lindenbach

Chris graduated from Campion College with a Bachelor of Arts  in religious studies and philosophy in 2013.

Chris was an active student in his public life at Campion. He held numerous posts: official, voluntary, as well as employed:

“During my Campion College years, I was involved in a variety of Campion student and college groups: President of the Campion College Students’ Union (CCSU), one of the organizers of the local Catholic Christian Outreach organization, a member of the Campion College Board of Regents, and being the campus representative for the Canadian Catholic Students’ Association.”

He is truly thankful for his time spent at Campion. It is full of rich experiences made for a wholesome education. He is happy to have had the opportunity to make his appreciation known through ceremony and tribute:

“My favourite memory of Campion would be the faculty and staff appreciation gala in my last semester of my undergraduate degree 2013. This gala was something that the CCSU organized to show appreciation to the faculty and staff, including writing messages to faculty members and all the staff, a dinner, and appreciation program where the students had an opportunity to tell the Campion community how important it was to them.”

Chris feels his greatest accomplishment thus far may be producing the research towards his masters program with focus on Early Christianity and New Testament Canonization:

“It was a substantial amount of work and research, and it was something that I had always dreamed of doing. The education I received at Campion helped me complete that degree, and the library at Campion helped me greatly in obtaining the resources I needed to be successful.”

Chris often filled the role of teaching assistant in both the English and religious studies departments. For his service, he was the recipient of the 2016 Graduate Teaching Award.

With earnest, Chris looks towards doing doctoral work and furthering studies in early Christianity, dreaming perhaps to even teach at Campion one day. Also, his walk towards the priesthood will be a lifelong commitment towards community:

“I am currently in formation to be a Catholic priest for the Archdiocese of Regina and am continuing my theological studies at St. Augustine Seminary in Toronto, where I am working on both a Baccalaureate of Sacred Theology and a Master of Divinity degree. I think that is a concrete way to use the educational and Catholic ideals I received at Campion to help give back to the community in the future as a diocesan priest.”