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Cecile Hebert, B.A. (Regina)


Cecile Hebert

Cecile graduated from Campion in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

If you close your eyes while reading this, Cecile will take you on a vivid walk through her memories of Campion. It was a family affair in raising monies for the high school. Saskatchewan Roughrider games were particularly big events:

“I remember many Rider game days where I would see my dad, Wendel Kuntz, Uncle Art Braun, brothers Kevin and Tom, and cousins Roy and Allen heading off to Taylor Field to sell programs for the game.  They would have to count them out, put them in piles along with an apron with change, and spend an hour or two selling programs.  Long, cold days spent fundraising for Campion High School. Once I was old enough, I joined the tradition.”

The Ground Level of Campion was a hub of activity that stirred Cecile the most. There were many rituals that were shared there:

“My fondest memories of Campion College took place on the main floor: the Campion student union office, the music room with the grand piano, and the cafeteria were my home for the four years I attended university. I attended the wine and cheese mixers at the beginning of each semester, many legendary beer fests and dances, ate perogies on Fridays, and attended mass on Sunday nights.  Many days I would leave my house at eight in the morning and get home at 10 at night! Studying, maybe not all the time… I met my husband Greg, a Campion High Grad, at Campion and made many lifelong friends there.”

Regarding her course direction, Fr. Molloy influenced her in leaning towards Psychology. She thinks choosing that major helped shape her to be a better elementary school teacher during her tenure with the Regina Catholic School Division that lasted 40 years.

Yet another generation of family has graduated from Campion. Cecile’s daughter Shauna, now an academic advisor at the College, graduated in 2006. Also, Cecile chose to assist in celebrating the college’s centennial, acting as Co-Chair.