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Catherine Couture, B.A. Hons Psychology Student, 4th year


Catherine Couture

What’s in a seed? Potential to become, to grow. Sure, there’s possibility in a seed’s ability to grow if it’s nurtured right, fed the proper nutrients. But after that, it’s the natural ability of a great seed to grow into a great tree. For Catherine Couture, this is the start of a great and hopeful transformation.

Caring – Leadership – Servitude – Intellect: these are all natural components of her being. Catherine is transforming herself, here in these walls at Campion. And her DNA dictates the attributes that unfurl.

She is a fourth year honour student in psychology focusing on Internet Cognitive Therapy for her honours paper. She feels that getting into the Psychology Honours Program has been her greatest achievement to date.

On campus, Catherine is a “triple-threat” and a true ambassador for the college: President of Campion College Students’ Union, the Student Representative on Campion Board of Regents as well as an Alpha Sigma Nu Inductee.

This in itself is no small feat. Catherine states, “Inductees must show three qualities of Scholarship: be in the top 15th percent of their class, loyalty and service, being involved in and around Campion College. I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to give back to the community and promote the values of Campion College as a result of being part of this group.”

Influenced by her brother, an officer in the military, and sparked by a visit to the U of R’s Career Fair, Catherine sees a future for herself in the Canadian Armed Forces. “I chose this as a goal because I have always been interested in assisting individuals in the area of mental health and this seemed to be the most fitting and appropriate way to use my education.” says Catherine.

Wearing many hats she feels is a great way to take advantage of the diversity of student life. She confesses that she has “had to learn to manage my time and when to prioritize some things over others.” All in a day’s work for an accomplished student like Catherine.