100 Stories

Carl Zylak, B.A., M.D. (Saskatoon), FRCPC, FACR, D.Sc. Hons (Saskatoon)

Retired Radiologist

Carl Zylak

Carl spent his last two years of high school at Campion, graduating in 1955.

His favourite memory is really a conclusion drawn from bearing witness to the mentors that shaped his learning experience. It includes some valuable life lessons and wise words:

“Life lessons learned by observing the actions, listening to the words of wisdom of those thoughtful, committed, worldly men, the JESUITS! ‘If you do something wrong, own up to it, accept the consequences and move on.’ On a kinder note, one was almost always given a second chance, as long as you initially accepted responsibility for your actions.”

Beyond learning and his successes as a radiologist, Carl sees the value and legacy that being a family man has given him, as his biggest success: “Along with their dedicated, committed, talented mother, Edith Ann, raising four children and enjoying the fruits of our labours, our ten wonderful grandchildren!”

Future goals to Carl mean savouring the essence of each blessed day he is given to enjoy his large family and many friends.

His community involvement revolves around his many interests in education, research, athletics, and supporting the underprivileged.