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Camille Munro, BHJ (Regina)

Tactical Crime Analyst, Regina Police Service, Former Miss World Canada 2013

Camille Munro

Camille graduated from Campion in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Justice.

Camille saw Campion as an intimate space for solitude to focus on her studies:

“My favourite memory of Campion was a combination of Henderson’s Café, my class sizes, and the open, yet intimate feel of the Campion campus. Unlike some of the other University buildings, Campion always had a quiet space for which I could study and complete my homework assignments.”

Every individual is a unique package of talent and gifts. Camille is no different. She has a boundless vision to achieve her goals, not defined by anyone else. She also wants to inspire others to become ambassadors for injustice in the world, starting at home. She has a circle of support to do just that:

“My greatest accomplishment to date is completing my Bachelor of Human Justice degree and obtaining a position as a Tactical Crime Analyst with the Regina Police Service. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends, and attribute my current career success to accomplishing this educational goal. I have always aspired to be the best version of myself and completing a university degree and attaining my current position are just the beginnings!”

Camille has a simple philosophy for engaging life: jump in and amazing things can happen. Engage the world and supporters will show themselves:

“When I think about my future, I see myself continuing to learn. I aspire to obtain a Master’s degree; I have thought about education and becoming an educator of some sort. I love to learn but I also love to teach and to share my knowledge with other people. I also aspire to incorporate travel into my learning and my teaching! I do not know how all of this will play out just yet, but I am optimistic that if it is meant to be, I will find a way! The future is bright; it’s exciting and full of potential. Throughout my university career I was inspired by several professors to think this way and it’s become a part of who I am as a person.”

This sense of connectedness with the world and being a spokesperson has culminated as a unique compliment to her other goals. It came in the role of representing her country through a pageant:

“In the spring of 2013, I won a national title to represent Canada at the Miss World competition in Bali, Indonesia. This was such an honour and definitely an incredible achievement while completing my undergraduate degree. Through this title, not only was I able to continue my philanthropic work but also to expand my network of humanitarian partners to other cities and countries. I have since collaborated with Dress for Success Regina, Join the Dance Canada, Variety Children’s Charity BC Chapter, Hope’s Home Regina, and many others. My community is Regina, SK of course, but I believe by helping those in need across our country, we are making Canada a better place for everyone.”